« Art is the signature of civilization » _Beverley Sills_

Tomorrow starts the exhibition « Circus » at SF Camera Work in San Francisco (1011 Market Street, 2nd Floor) that will last until August 19.


The jury for this exhibition was comprised of Linde Lehtinen (Assistant Curator of Photography at SFMOMA), Paloma Shutes (Photo Editor at California Sunday Magazine), and Arthur Tress (Photographer of Documentary Surrealism)

I had the luck to be selected to show my work in the gallery, among 17 internationals artists.

Sadly my pictures were blocked by custom and therefore damaged. I was really sad about this and thought I would not be able to send my pictures again on time. Luckily the artist photograph Wesaam Al-Badry  very nicely, without knowing me, offered his help and printed the pictures in San Francisco so that my work could be shown during the exhibition.

I thank him very much for that and I encourage you to have a look at his work: http://www.wesaamalbadry.com/ I hope we will meet each other one day.

It is a nice story about solidarity that I wanted to share, as a proof that art is the signature of civilization.

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